Visually light yet structurally strong, the translucent beauty of glass has never been more utilised than in the modern world than today. It embrace's light but still protects us against the natural world.

From the turn of the century Architects have been instrumental in how we live, forming buildings we now come to know as cities. Because of its cost and durability, glass became an industrial workhorse and impacted on the world for this very reason!

Glass holds lots of values in the 21st century as it meets the demands of mankind. Yet because of its durability it has become over subscribed and when put in an emergency/evacuation situation almost impossible to escape!


When commercial glass is free from all its inpurities it can resist impact of of 25,000 pounds making it stronger than most metals! (source:Gizmodo)




My name is Christopher B Carr a retired aircraft engineer. Some 40 years ago my wife witnessed an elderly man perish in a Council house fire. Despite heavy objects being thrown at the toughened glazed window by surrounding neighbours and the man himself, nothing could penetrate and break the toughened glazed window. The elderly man perished!


I have always been mindful of events that unfolded that day and kept a close eye on the fire safety industry as it unfolded into the 21st century.


I do not believe anything has changed significantly or adequately in 40 years that addresses the position of entrapment by or BS Toughened glass in an emergency evacuation situation!


So we designed SAFE STEP



It has taken over 8 years to formulate and develop the concept we now recognise as SAFE STEP. Through global research and meticulous testing we have sourced the best known materials in producing a product that is essential to any building that has been enclosed by toughened BS glass which could lead to entrapment in an emergency situation!

SAFE STEP is proud to introduce the revolutionary POWER PUNCH the tungsten carbide tipped glass enforcer that can smash through any toughened BS glazed unit. The tungsten carbide tip is hardened to an incredible 1600hv, making POWER PUNCH almost indestructible!

SAFE STEP also comes complete with a quick release lightweight retractable escape ladder.By incorporating the emergency escape ladder into the SAFE STEP model, we know we have designed a piece of fire safety equipment that is essential to any building enclosed by BS Toughened glass.

SAFE STEP the easy to use, compact, emergency fire apparatus that 'packs a punch', when it matters. When every second counts, it could be the difference between life or death!


There is currently no UK legislation in place that covers existing homes with regards to fire safety within their own home. Instead it relies on the old adage of 'an Englishmans home is his castle' thus laying the responsibility and due care on the head of the household to take full responsibility for all fire safety precautions.


It is estimated that 60% of all house fires originate from the kitchen.

(source: PATLABELS)


There are approximateley 59,001 house fires a year within the UK (source First Alert)


Two fires a day are started by candles(source FIREANGEL)


Faulty electrics(appliances,wiring and over loaded sockets) cause around 6,000 fires in the home across the country every year. (source FIREANGEL)


Four minutes and 33 seconds is all it takes from ignition to a fully engulfed house fire (source; UK GOV)


Entrapment by BS standard toughened glass in any of the above scenarios would be an ordeal in itself, but if your exit to safety is blocked by a material that in some cases is stronger than most metals, BS standard toughened glass, just compounds the situation!


The latest fire statistics to March 2019 reveal that the uk fire service attended  576,000 incidents, a two per cent rise than in 2018 and a nine per cent rise more than five years ago in 2014.Statistics also reveal that fatality rate was greater for men aged 65 to 79 with the population being 9.6 per million population while the equivalent rate for women was 6.2 per million.For those aged 80 and over,the rate for men was 20.6 million and for women was 14.5 million (source; UK Home Office)

UK Becomes Glazed Over


In 1973 as Britain began to freeze under restrictions placed by an Arab oil embargo, Parliament moved swiftly to address the need for fuel efficiency. As part of the new Regulatory Building Regulations, Britain would embrace a new dawn of energy efficiency and ways of preserving heat, double glazing.


The 70's would witness a boom in UPVC Aluminium double glazed windows being introduced as part of the energy saving initiative. Aluminium/Wooden framed windows, were being fitted throughout the land, as the country sought to keep out the cold and keep heat in.


Both Wood and Aluminium  would eventually disappear being replaced by the cheaper more durable plastic along with a more resilient toughened glass. Time would soon reveal that these energy saving initiatives would not only be keeping heat in, but in some instances compromise personal safety?


Recent research reveals that the proportions of properties within the Uk with some levels of double glazing to be estimated at 93%.(source George Barndaze)



So why is glass so Tough?

The earliest forms of double glazing glass proved to be very brittle and had little or no resistant to human impact. In 1984 casulties of glass accidents through out the UK was responsible for 16,000 incidents including deep lacerations of tendons, severed nerves and torn muscles. (source:


A new tougher more robust glass was introduced 'Safety Glass' and endorsed under UK Building Regulations in areas where there is a high risk of collision , such as a person running or colliding with a glazed door/window .These would later be identified under BS6206 - BSEN12600 as critical locations.


UK Building Regulations specifies:(Part 4) ie: the following locations should be regarded as critical: (1)Between finished floor level and 800mm above it (2) Between finished floor level and 1500mm above if in doors or side panels close to either edge.


Furthermore in PAS24:2012 Published by the British Standards Institute which provides a method for impact testing and assessing the enhanced security performance requirement of external windows and door sets in the Uk.

Class A : 1200mm drop height

Class B : 450mm drop height

Class C:  190mm drop height


Commercial buildings would come under the provision of The Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order 2015

Where it would include proviso's such as: (i) Every Business  / Employer must assess the fire risk in their work place (ii) Check there is safe means for leaving the building.

SAFE STEP @ The House Of Lords receiving SGUK innovation award January 2019

We Must take Responsibility

In 2010 Parliament introduced a number of cuts to the fire and rescue services by an estimated 20%, which would coincide with cuts the previous year of 30%. (source; Fire brigade Union)


As a result 11,000 frontline firefighter jobs have been cut along with 12 Fire Stations, 27 fire engines plus appliances and equipment throughout Britain. The cutbacks has also witnessed a delay in time to response, with some areas of the UK recording an increase from  9 minutes to 12 ! (source: Fire Brigade Union)


"I Cannot emphasise enough how seconds count when fire fighting, a few seconds can be the difference between life and death."

(source: Andrew Scattergood Chair of Fire Brigade Union, Independant)


The Future

SAFE STEP has now received full patent rights and is fully protected by the companies Intellectual attorney.


We are totally convinced that SAFE STEP will enhance and revolutionise the Fire Safety industry around the world, saving lives, making the environment you find yourself in, be it: Home, Workplace, Leisure facility, a safer place to be in!


SAFE STEP the biggest breakthrough in Fire - Emergency - Evacuation for over a 100 years.

SAFE STEP nominated for innovation excellence @ IOM newspapers November 2019

The Last Word

Glass in the industrial world is simply something we cannot live without.With so many factors and risks involved, it is paramount we identify all risks and visualise each consequence and try to predict each outcome. It is essential we take responsibility for ourselves!


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Next time you happen to travel on any form of UK public transport, please just take a minute to look over the emergency procedure, within the carriage and you should immediately be aware of signage to all exit points and a flagged up area highlighting a piece of apparatus that will smash through BS toughened safety glass . This is legislation on all UK public transport!


UK GOV Public transport has rightly flagged up and identified toughened BS glass as a potential obstacle within an emergency escape scenario and correctly legislated for it.


Two areas of our lives where we spend most of our day, our workplace and our home surprisingly does not?

Technical Data

Assembled ready to use

POWER PUNCH the revolutionary glass enforcer

Designed for quick and easy deployment

100% tangle free design escape ladder

Incorporating non-slip rungs

Grapple hooks designed to fit any UK/European standard window 

Little storage space required also comes with a wall mounted facility

Lifetime limited guaranteed



Small Compact Carry Case: 45.72cm x 20.32cm x 20.32cm

Overall Weight: 3.5 kilo's (7.16lbs)

Rungs: wth of each rung 45.72cm

Escape Ladder Maximum load weight: 350kgs ( 39 stone)

Suitable for 2-5 storey buildings: 4.3 m ,7.0m , 13.7m 

Power Punch: The glass enforcer guaranteed to smash any BS Glass 


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